Alcoholic Spouse Didn’t Come Home Last Night

Guest Submission By: Gail
My husband has been an alcoholic for over twenty five years. We’ve been married for the past 13 years. He always comes home after work around 6PM. The other night he never came home. He was at work and said he was going to go out with a couple of his buddies and would be home around eleven. I told him to be quiet because I had to work in the morning and would be going to be early. When I woke up at 4AM he was not home. I called his cell phone worried sick, he answered and said that he was a someones house named Bushard. Continue reading


Two Powerful Tips When Living With Alcoholism

There are two things I want to share with you that I feel can really make a HUGE difference in your day, especially if you are living with an alcoholic.

In this wonderful digital age we are living in we have the capabilities of contacting people that we love in many different ways.

I want to encourage you today to make an effort to contact the people you love. Just tell them that you were thinking of them and wanted to call and say hi!

This will help you escape the crazy-making in your mind that we sometimes get caught in when dealing with alcoholics.

I contact people through Facebook, phone calls, emails and I even send things through the mail periodically. Continue reading

Teenager Shares About Growing Up With an Alcoholic Parent

This is an excellent video from a teenager who has an alcoholic father. She made this video with the intent to help other teenagers who may have an alcoholic parent. If you want to know what your son, daughter or grandchild might be going through, this daughter of a problem drinker expresses herself very well. You can read what she has to say below the video.


alcoholic fatherHi everyone. This is Kathie and I’m here to talk about a personal subject today which is having an alcoholic parent. This video is going to be uncut because I want it to be very real and raw. I want you guys to understand that this is coming from my heart. I’m not editing out things here. You’re going to hear exactly what’s coming to my mind.

Today’s a really good day to make this video because my dad (alcoholic father) called me for the first time. In quite a while, we don’t talk because of the things you’re about to find out.

When I was younger, my dad started drinking. It was just my sister and I and my dad, my mom is ticked out of the picture for a while there. He used alcohol as an outlet, probably stressed out a bit but, nonetheless, an abusive outlet. It became a regular thing and before I knew it, he was drinking every single night and passing out. (This is a great article: Advice For Living With An Alcoholic.) Continue reading

Do Not Let The Alcoholic Drag You Into The Mud

dirty feetOne of the most challenging things in any relationship is remaining your own person, having individual interests and loving yourself. In codependent relationships with alcoholics it’s even more challenging.

The first thing you need to do is make a decision to do things differently. Change all begins with your attitude. If you decide right now to change your daily routine, then you are on the right track. A good place to being change is by learning how to cope with an alcoholic.

I was recently listening to an audio lesson by Sherry Gaba  about being addicted to love. In her telesiminar she talks about being in love so much with someone that you allow them to treat you like dirt. She shares how her love Continue reading

My Daughter Works With An Obnoxious Alcoholic

angry alcoholicPeriodically I have the opportunity to pass on  life skills to my daughter.  The other day she called me to talk about an alcoholic that she works with who is trying to argue with her all the time. On top of his drinking problem, he also has a prescription pill addiction. He is obnoxious and rude to her.

In this article, I will be revealing some very good methods to use when dealing with an obnoxious alcoholic.

She began the conversation with me by telling me that she used one of the phrases I taught her a long time ago on this man at work,  “I’m sorry you feel that way.” She explained that he was badgering her while she was trying to waitress and he  was really being annoying. Continue reading

My Friend Suffers From Depression-Is This Like Alcoholism

Guest Post By: Janson
I found this site when I was searching for ways to help my friend who suffers from depression. I have been obsessing over her constantly for the past few days. I think the parallels of how she acts is like the way you describe alcoholics.

  1. She gets angry at me for no reason at all.
  2. She blames me for all of her mood swings.
  3. She lies to me all the time. I hardly believe anything she tells me anymore.
  4. Sometimes she doesn’t return my calls for a couple of days. When I say something she gets pissed at me.

Continue reading

Angry With An Alcoholic Again

Upset LadyAnyone who lives with a problem drinker will have regular bouts of anger. You will be angry that the alcoholic lied – again! That the meal was burned – again! That he did not turn up – again! That, even though you pleaded with him to stay sober, he got drunk – again! You can probably fill the rest of the page with your own reasons to get angry, there will be plenty of opportunities.
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