Recovering Alcoholic May Start Drinking Again

The odds are fairly good that a recovering alcoholic will not start consuming alcohol again if they stay connected with a support group. It’s sad when they do start drinking again, but you need to realize something, there’s nothing you can do about it.

You cannot let fear grip your life. You must learn how to enjoy everyday life even if they decide to drink.

You have no control over their choice to get intoxicated.

This is why it is so important to get involved in a program like Al-anon. You will find the help that you need there from people who know how to cope with addicts.

There is a really good article here: Recovering Alcoholic Start Drinking

Here are three ideas to help you:

  1. You did not cause them to drink-It is so important to understand that you did not make them pick up a drink and start drinking again. It is their responsibility to make right choices.
  2. You have no control over them-This usually takes a little time to fully understand. We try so hard to control what the alcoholic is doing and we fail miserably. If they want to drink, there is nothing that you can do to stop them. It’s best to just let them go.
  3. You cannot make them well-It is not in your power to cure their illness. They must make a decision on their own to get help. If a recovering alcoholic starts drinking again, you cannot make them well. There’s nothing that you can do to cause the disease of alcoholism to stop once they  have opened the door again.




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  1. I have been in a relationship with a man for the last month who just told me in a drunken stooper over a text msg that he was a recovering alcoholic who went to treatment once but didnt work and hasnt been sober in 5 years. I miss him….is there any way to break through to them and make them understand that you will help even if it means going to meetings together, or what not. He is an amazing young man with so much to offer. I thought, as i was married prior and 4 years older that I had to be ashamed. We clicked instantly and laughed all the time. Im confused as he just confessed out of guilt for standing me up that he was an alcoholic who had gone to treatment and still has not been sober in 5 years. Of coarse I am nurse and want to be supportive withput giving up. Hes not talking much as i think hes embarrassed. Of his drunken confessions to me. ????????

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