How To Cope With An Alcohlic Boyfriend

cuddling coupleThe number one thing you need to know when you are involved with an alcoholic boyfriend, do not ever put up with abuse. You can learn how to cope with many behaviors that an alcohol addicted person will display, but be sure that he always treats you with kindness and respect.

There are plenty of good guys out there who will honor you and treat you like the beautiful person that you are. In the video on this page you will find valuable tips on coping with some of the conflicts that may arise from being with a boyfriend who drinks too much.

This article on Why Do Women Stay With Alcoholics   may help you understand why you want this relationship to work.

Here are a few things that will help you deal with your boyfriends a addiction:

  1. Stay connected with your friends and do things with them often. Eventually your boyfriend will break the  plans that he has made with you. When that happens, don’t  argue with your boyfriend. Instead, just contact a friend and do something with them. This will help you guard against him becoming the main focus in your life. Keep connections with friends all the time.
  2. Never fight with your boyfriend. It’s just not worth getting all upset about things and ruining your day. If he wants to argue, refuse to do so and find something else to do. You can tell him that you do not care to discuss the matter and will talk about it later when he is sober. You can simply say; “I’m not going to argue with you about this.” If he is persistent, you may have to exit his presence.
  3. Find many things to do apart from him. You must continue to have your own identity. You have to establish your own likes and dislikes and not get enmeshed with him to the point of  living your life through his.

You may want to check out this post called The Alcoholic Always Criticizes Me. Keeping educated about some of the personality traits of the problem drinker will help you tremendously in the long run.

loving alcoholicThere are many things to learn about coping with an alcoholic boyfriend. The best place to learn how to love him without conditions, even when he has been drinking is by attending Al-anon meetings. If you plan on staying in the  relationship for any length of time, just know that he will  progressively get worse. This is why you need to find a support group.

Never, ever put up with any sort of verbal or  physical abuse. You should not allow him to step on you as if you are a doormat. He must always treat you with kindness.

Now, you must also respect the relationship by not cheating on him or doing things to intentionally make him jealous. Please understand that flirting with guys is not acceptable. You can have male friends, but  you must always have honor and respect for  your boyfriend and the commitment you have made to him.
This is a good article to read: Understanding Alcoholism As A Disease  It will help you have more compassion toward your boyfriend.  The more you learn about how addiction effects our lives the better off you will be.


2 Responses

  1. Sound advice here. My boyfriend is an alcoholic, but recovering, or at least trying to. It’s very early days, he decided to stop drinking 4 months ago after some horrendous behaviour that was a wake up call for both of us. For him-that he had to stop drinking completely, and for me-that I couldn’t stay with him if he wanted to continue drinking. I can support the relapses as long as he get’s back on the wagon. There have been 2 so far, any they are so hard as I have no control. Nothing I say or do can stop him and it hurts badly. This is a journey I am prepared to take, but unless I find time and support for myself, I will go insane.

  2. […] the ways that you can get rid of the destructive power of your anger. I used them all when I had to cope with my alcoholic boyfriend. Soon we will talk about how you can communicate the extent of and reasons for that anger to your […]

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